The time for "playing small" is well past, but unfortunately we didn't receive an owner's manual when we decided to incarnate and "borrow" these bodies for this human experience. Power tools appear to be everyday devices, but these tools can improve the human experience and build a reality that is constructed on a firm foundation of core values. Learn why you are here, how to use your thoughts to construct a richer reality, and how to create success in relationships, business, wealth and health.

Are you ready for a breakthrough in money, business, relationships, life purpose – even health? We all have the power to change our reality, but sometimes we aren’t able to see that because of the distractions or old programs which get in our way.

This book is a tool that gives you the ability to shift your reality by removing the old beliefs, fears, programming and misconceptions that keep you stuck in a place where you have to settle for less than you deserve. While Jean offers private sessions to clear these blocks, you get much more for your time and money if you learn this process for yourself!

Once you are confident with clearing your own blocks, you are ready to create a profitable coaching business by assisting others to do the same or just start living your life as it was meant to be!







​“WOW! I feel so liberated and open. All of the “heaviness” is gone, as is, all of the negative, draining energy and despair. I feel more like “me” than I have in a long, long time. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. YOU are so awesome!”   ~PJ – GA

Practical guidance for acclerated spiritual growth 
This book is a gift for our time as so many of us are coming into our soul power. It has a perfect "how to" approach to give us ways to accelerate our growth and reach our goals faster. Thank you, Jean Adrienne! ~ Doris Crompton

Positively Fantastic
Jean Adrienne is a master at bringing simplicity and ease to personal growth and transformation. Power Tools is a must read for anyone who is ready to shift to a new level of empowerment and truly live life on their terms. -Dr. Catherine P, Perry, Author

Power Tools
Well here we are sailing through space, past 2012 and into 2013 with Power Tools. This is the perfect book for each person to design a world worth living in. It has been said in the past that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Thank you Jean Adrienne for a world class book. ~Astrologer Dell

Finally a spiritual book for men and women
Jean Adrienne takes a very complex concept of real life changing work and translates this "how to change and empower your life" in simple terms for anyone. Its not a woo woo book, but a powerful book for recreating how you look at... or feel about your life. She teaches you how to rebuild your life from the ground up or foundation. An easy fast, yet powerful read, that would make a great gift for the guy in your life who would never buy a self help book. Thanks for making it simple as life should be...
Great job.
~Devra - Intuitive Life Coach

It took me a little while to read this book, not because I didn't want to, but because when I did read it I was inspired to do something positive in my life by releasing negative energy, working out, writing, and many other things. ~Kimberly A. Rold

This book is definitely about POWER
This book, Power Tools, by Jean Adrienne was given the correct title because this book is about power alright---the power within each of us. The power to not be thinking of ourselves so small and insignificant in our world. Jean Adrienne reminds the reader through the use of visuals using every day known tools, such as the vacuum cleaner, jack hammer and copier. She shares with the reader the how, what, when, why in this ultimate manual of becoming bigger in our own lives. ~ Teresa Morrow

For those wanting some Heaven sent tips
I have heard that when the student is ready the teacher will appear and this precious 160 page spiritual guide showed up at just the right time. Since we have come into our Aquarian Age I have been struggling with feeling the higher energies, but having a hard time releasing the old patterns that have been keeping me stuck. So after God and I had a chat what should show up but this blessed road map. Written so simply and easy to follow with it's major suggestions and great format I just went from one right thing to the next.

The author has such a nice way of making me feel completely comfortable and quite naturally I found self beating to become a thing of the past and I just sailed on through. For those wanting some Heaven sent tips on manifesting, this is the one for you. This magnificent find has made a quick trip right into my spiritual toolbox. Thanks so much Jean, I really got this and so will everyone else.
~Riki Frahmann

Love, Love, Love Jean's Teachings and Power Tools is NO exception
I love your books Jean, and this one is no exception! Power Tools is FULL of beautifully written profoundly healing teachings that enable us all to empower ourselves and move into living life as we truly want to. By following the gentle teachings in Power Tools, we can move from fear to empowerment and do so much more easily than one might image! Jean, please keep writing! The world and it's people SO need to hear what you have to say! ~M. J. Allen

A True Leader in Natural Healing
Jean Adrienne is one of today's true leaders in natural healing. An author, radio show host and the creator of her own system of healing, Jean Adrienne is a voice to be followed and an example to all of us in holistic healing. Jean's work is subtle and profound. She shows you how to get your own insights to make powerful personal change in your life. She is a must read. Thank you Jean for leading the way!
~Catherine Carrigan, author of the #1 Bestseller, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness


I had an epiphany. It had to do with Power. Personal Power. I woke to the understanding of what that means in a flash of insight. For almost all of my life, I have played "small". I told myself I was just Jean. It never occurred to me to look at the other possibility--that I might actually be GREAT. Greatness was something that famous people were, folks who had invented something big or were elected to an office of great power or who were rock stars or actors--certainly not a girl from Tallahassee who had been married four times and raised two kids as a single mom and lived a middle-class existence...

Today I woke up to my Power. The wake-up call came in the form of an email from a man in Brazil who didn't understand something I had written. He wanted to know what it meant to "stand in your power" because he said there didn't seem to be a direct translation for that in his language. The only way I could begin to explain it was to look at my own life to see what that phrase meant to me. That's when I got it! In that moment I realized who I was, what I had done, and how many lives I have touched. In that moment I was able to see my own greatness. That epiphany allowed me to look back over the last 63 years and realize that in actuality I was BORN great - that we all are. I clearly saw that over the next fifty years I then allowed myself to slip into mediocrity, in order to "fit in", giving away that power that was my birthright to anyone who wanted it (and many who didn't!) Then a little over ten years ago, I began to wake up. I experienced a calling to do more than just get by. It started with writing, moved into listening and became full-fledged passion. That is what I want to share with you. The tools that help us to figure this out are all around us. On the surface they appear to be common-place, but at a much deeper level they can help us to change our lives into so much more than we could have imagined.
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This is a meditation movie that will present 40 of the Reconnecting Soul DNA activation glyphs for you to integrate. The background music is "Deep Mystery"
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"Great self help tool for both genders! 
Finally a self help book that speaks to me. Jean's tools are 
practical, powerful, and easy to implement. 
The results are immediate and tangible. I love this book."

 ~ Donald Filbert
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